Umu Igbo Unite

History of Umu Igbo Unite

Umu Igbo Unite, which stands for “Children of Igbo Unite”, was birthed in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, early in the year of 2005.

Founded by the Anadu and Okpukpara families, Umu Igbo Unite (“UIU”) was born from the realization that the way Igbo children were raised in Nigeria – differed vastly from the way Igbo children were raised in the United States and Diaspora.  More specifically, it was realized that Igbo parents were members of their own Igbo organizations that provided an avenue for them to remain connected to Igboland, while maintaining bonds and friendships amongst their Igbo counterparts. The founders observed, that while the children of Igbo parents were invited to cultural gatherings, they sometimes felt out of place as they grew and moved on to college and their careers.  From these observations, the UIU Founders saw a need to gather Igbo college students and young professionals together – not only to unite culturally, but also professionally and socially as well. UIU was born to unite Igbo young professionals from all over the country to familiarize themselves with one another, support Igbo businesses and/or entrepreneurship ideas, as well as, create a strong professional, cultural and social network.

Umu Igbo Unite currently has patrons from all over the world who attend the annual conference. The organization currently has chapters in various locations: Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; and Detroit, MI and is growing daily. As a result, UIU has created a network of over 2,500 Igbo Professionals throughout the country. Thanks to the wonders of social media, UIU’s reach is global and is growing exponentially. It has become UIU’s standard to have guests attend the annual convention from three different continents and/or various countries worldwide.

The first annual convention was held in Atlanta in the year 2005 and UIU is on its way to becoming one of the premier Igbo organizations in the United States.  Over the past ten years, UIU has grown tremendously and continues to look forward to continued growth and success.