About Umu Igbo Unite


From Umu Igbo Unite Cincinnati. Also known as: UIUCINCY!

On a national scale, Umu Igbo Unite,  works to: connect, convene, and empower the next generation of Igbo professionals through networking opportunities and cultural exchanges that preserve the Igbo heritage.

On June 2nd the Cincinnati chapter went live. We are the 10th chapter in the Umu Igbo Unite network and the first chapter in the Tri-state!

UIU Cincinnati envisions a chapter that offers opportunities for cultural awareness, networking, and intellectual growth.  UIU Cincy hopes to accomplish this vision through the care and nurturing of each other,  constructive discussions, activities,  and showcases.  

In 2018, the Cincinnati chapter is interested in:

-Initiating Igbo language classes within the Tri- State ; encouraging members to participate.

-Establishing a resource database in hopes of supporting members and connecting those members to community needs to increase potential business.

-Promoting a healthy lifestyle by hosting group workout sessions.

-Hosting cultural learning sessions; teaching participants about the Igbo culture.

-Hosting professional development opportunities for members and potential members.

-Participating in community service projects within the immediate community, the Igbo community and Nigeria.

In 2017, we:

-Achieved our membership goal! We now have over 20 active members. We accomplished this by hosting events, programs and opportunities that engaged young professionals of Igbo descent.

-Served in our community by helping our immediate community and Igbo families. We served in a soup kitchen and hosted a winter toy drive for children living with sickle cell disease.

-Reached our fundraising goal to assist with initial startup cost.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our first year a success! We look forward to another prosperous year!


Become a member today or review the site to learn more about UIU CINCY!