About Umu Igbo Unite


From Umu Igbo Unite Cincinnati. Also known as: UIUCINCY!

On a national scale, Umu Igbo Unite,  works to: connect, convene, and empower the next generation of Igbo professionals through networking opportunities and cultural exchanges that preserve the Igbo heritage.

On June 2nd the Cincinnati chapter went live. We are the 10th chapter in the Umu Igbo Unite network and the first chapter in the Tri-state!

For 2017, the Cincinnati chapter is interested in:

-Building up our membership base by hosting events, programs and opportunities that engage potential members

-Helping others make connections by connecting college students and YPs to resources and organizations in the community

-Serving in our community by helping our immediate community, Igbo families and Nigeria

-Educating the community on the Igbo culture by offering opportunities for others to experience it’s richness

Explore our webpage to learn more on how Umu Igbo Unite started and what UIU CINCY is currently up to!